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Hurst, Euless, Bedford (HEB)

Located just 20 minutes from Fort Worth and a mere 25 minutes from Dallas, the Hurst, Euless, Bedford community is considered one of the best places to live in Texas. It has the convenience of quick accessibility to major freeways along with the state-of-the-art construction of the Trinity Railway Express to make travel hassle-free for all its residents and visitors. The Hurst, Euless, Bedford area was a rural farming town with a close-knit community that transformed into a bustling society of high-quality houses, exemplary schooling systems, and extensive entertainment opportunities. It is an area that offers its residents the best of all worlds, letting them enjoy that wonderfully charming small town life with all its tranquilities, along with the immense benefits of rich culture and an artistic environment. As the Hurst, Euless, Bedford area continues to grow and develop, it is quickly becoming a preferred residential spot for the people of Texas. It has done a great job of maintaining its hometown feel while still offering its people easy access to the benefits of a major metropolitan city.

Welcome to the Best Place to Live in Texas

Hurst, Euless, Bedford recognized throughout the state for its family-centric community, plenty of entertainment opportunities, rich history and culture, and high-performing schools. The HEB district is an A-rated school district that has immense achievements under its belt. It has solidified its position as the top school district in Texas with its outstanding student performance, high level of adult literacy, impressive financial efficiency, and board leadership. This trio of cities is also an important transportation route for many Texans passing by. It is labeled as one of the mid-city regions due to its location along a major highway system, along with its proximity to the DFW international airport. It is important to note that despite sharing a school and hospital district, these three cities continue to maintain their separate governments.

History of Hurst, Euless, Bedford

Aside from its growth from a farming town to a modern community with a rich educational and art background, the Hurst, Euless, Bedford area is also known for its historical landmarks. Many of these landmarks have met the criteria to be considered markers of great historical context. They also have numerous architectural aspects that cause them to stand out in the HEB area and showcase the social and financial standings of the people who first inhabited this land.


The City of Hurst

The city of Hurst is known for its impressively stable economy and its family-centric values. It was first inhabited by William Letchford Hurst, a farmer who settled in the area. After the Civil War, numerous small communities settled in the City of Hurst in 1903 as William Hurst donated land to the cause. By 1920, several large-scale industrial projects began in the city and created a window of growth and development for its residents. The city then built its first school in 1940 and its first production plant in 1951.

The City of Euless

The city of Euless has a rich history and was one of the first Texas cities to speak out against racial segregation. Back in 1845, Isham Crowley, along with a group of settlers, made a home for themselves by setting up a post office, school, and general store by the

banks of Little Bear Creek. This small town of Euless saw many population changes in the next few decades as citizens came and

left to find better opportunities. Until the mid-sixties, Jim Crow Laws demanded racial segregation and for Black students to be

sent to different schools. However, a district judge decided to speak out against it in a shockingly progressive manner and

demanded that Black students be allowed to attend schools in their own districts. He also emphasized the importance of

funding all school districts equally. This case made its way to the headlines as it was quite rare for a Texas City to

challenge segregation laws. Unfortunately, the judge's attempts at promoting equality were unsuccessful until the



The City of Bedford

In contrast to the former two cities, Bedford was a bustling town by the late 1800s. This was mostly a result of the original settlers putting in the work to open an impressive number of businesses within the area. It even had its first college opened in 1882. However, the highway system proved to be rather devastating to this town, which was once on its way to becoming a rather important part of the state. The

founding population moved away to bigger metropolitan areas, and the shrunken population size stuck to living a quiet farming life.

Bedford is now a suburban town in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Exploring the HEB Area

Chisholm Park

Planning out a fishing trip with your boys? The Chisholm Park in Hurst offers you the perfect spot to fish from the bank. It is stocked

with catfish twice a week during the summer months, and the fish is replaced with rainbow trout once the weather turns cold.

Just remember to use a fishing pole, and line on your trip since nets and other fishing devices aren't allowed in the park.

JFK Assassination Tour

The JFK Assassination Tour in Euless in Dallas offers visitors and residents a chance to hear untold conspiracies and facts about the assassination. It is a 60-minute walking tour and even offers visitors a chance to see where Abraham Zapruder captured the footage.

The tour ends at the Sixth Floor Museum, where you can continue making your way through on a self-guided tour.

Moxley Manor Haunted House

Moxley Manor is a major Halloween attraction in Bedford, attracting children and adults from across the HEB area. It offers three hunted houses for the price of one, including the Moxley Manor, a 3D haunted house called Big Top Terror, and Regan's Revenge.

Voted as DFW's scariest haunted houses, you don't want to miss this during your stay in the HEB area!


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