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Everything you need to know when renting a roll-off dumpster from Wildcat

Wildcat offers several waste management roll-off dumpster rentals to assist you in large-scale debris removal from different types of projects. Our current fleet includes commercial, residential, construction, demolition, and roofing dumpsters between 15 and 20 yards.

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Wildcat Dumpster Rentals


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Size Matters: How to pick the right dumpster for your project


Our 15 cubic yard roll-off dumpster is the right choice for medium-sized construction projects or home cleanups in Texas. If you're working on a landscaping site or getting new floors installed, the 15-yard dumpster will serve your needs perfectly! It can hold waste equal to 6 pickup truck loads approximately.

  • Dimensions: 16'L x 8'W x 4'H

  • Rental Time: 1 - 7 Days

  • Included Tonnage: 2 tons

Wildcat 15-Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

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Wildcat Dumpster Rentals



Our largest dumpster size is the 20-yard dumpster which is ideal for attic, yard or house clean-outs. If you plan to get rid of old furniture, get a new kitchen installed, or handle a large-scale construction project, this would be the right size of dumpster rental for you. This dumpster can hold waste equal to 8 pickup truck loads approximately.

  • Dimensions: 16'L x 8'W x 6'H

  • Rental Time: 1 - 7 Days

  • Included Tonnage: 3 tons

Wildcat 20-Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

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Wildcat Dumpster Rentals


Let’s examine each roll-off dumpster type to learn how they differ from one another.

Commercial dumpsters

Commercial dumpsters are designed to accommodate all types of waste, and can be a

valuable addition for your commercial operation. Some of the things commercial dumpsters

are great for getting rid of include:

● Common retail waste: packing materials, aluminum cans, cardboard, paper, food wrapping debris

● C&D waste material 
● SW class-1



Residential Dumpsters

People in residences can create a large amount of waste on a day-to-day basis for different reasons

Overtime we all have a tendency to accumulate too much junk. A roll-off dumpster is a perfect
solution to tidy the garage, clear the attic, and chunk the closet clutter. Residential dumpsters are 
also a vital disposal resource tool for all home renovations , yard cleanouts, and new builds.

Large quantities of waste may not fit in the city garbage bins, so this is where residential

dumpsters can be useful. Such dumpsters are great for disposing of:

● Household waste

● Furniture

● Home remodels

● Waste from accumulated junk

● Seasonal cleanouts

● Debris removal

● Yard waste removal
● Estate cleanouts



Construction Dumpsters

Getting rid of large quantities of construction debris can be difficult to do due to the

immense weight and volume such waste takes up. It can be impossible to avoid producing

such waste during construction projects with their large-scale. Luckily, construction dumpsters
are here to help make this waste disposal easier. Construction dumpsters are excellent for
getting rid of:

● Metallic waste, such as pipes and sheet metal

● Empty Paint containers and varnish containers 

● Insulation

● Empty Adhesives and sealant containers

● Wooden beams and panels​

● All common residential and commercial debris



Demolition Dumpsters

Demolition projects produce very large amounts of waste. This is because structures

demolished during these projects must be carried away and disposed of. Many of the

materials from these projects tend to be heavy and take up a lot of space.
For this reason, demolition dumpsters can be necessary to ensure the waste is collected and

removed in a singular manner. Some of the materials you can get rid of with a demolition

dumpster include:

● Flooring

● Tiles

● Wood

● Cinder blocks

● Drywall

● Structure Removal



Roofing Dumpsters

Roofing projects are usually large-scale operations that generate large quantities of waste.

This is because you must generally remove a large quantity of material when you are

replacing an existing roof. Much of this material is non-biodegradable so it

must be disposed of in the proper manner. Roofing dumpsters are perfect
to have around during such projects. These dumpsters are suitable for
getting rid of:

● Shingles

● Wood trim

● Metal edging/Flashing

● Roofing Felt & Tar paper

● Nails



Which Type of Dumpster is Right for Me?


It can be difficult to know which type of dumpster is right for you. Contact Wildcat

Dumpster Rentals to speak with one of our waste management customer service
experts to get matched with the perfect roll-off dumpster.


Our service areas includeFort Worth, Benbrook,
Edgecliff VillageForest Hill, EvermanKennedale,
JoshuaCleburne, Aledo, Weatherford, White Settlement,
River Oaks, Westworth VillageWestover Hills, Lake Worth, 
Sansom ParkMelody Hills, Saginaw, Blue Mound, Watauga, 
KellerArlingtonPantegoMansfield, Grand Prairie, Woodhaven
Haltom CityRichland HillsNorth Richland HillsHurstEuless
 and the surrounding areas.

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